Meet Amanda

Amanda Norton is a photographer who grew up in central Ohio and is currently based in Sedona, AZ. She earned her BFA in photography from the University of Dayton in 2009. Amanda uses photography as a visual language. She believes images have the power to give a voice to the voiceless and everlasting life to brief moments in time. She believes these moments can offer us a deeper connection to those in life who need us most.

Amanda is always honored and humbled to be welcomed into the special moments in her clients’ lives.  She loves working with families, couples, and their fur babies!  Exploring relationships through her lens and finding the warm glow that exists within us and between us all is something Amanda cherishes.

Outside of portraiture, landscape, and event photography, Amanda has a particular passion for working with non-profits.  She has a strong background in promoting local arts programs and has worked as an animal shelter photographer for the past 10 years. For Amanda, there is something challenging yet magical in discovering a homeless pet’s personality, then capturing it in an image.  Sometimes a photograph may be all an animal has to reach their forever family.  Amanda currently works with the Humane Society of Sedona and is available to donate her services to animal shelters and rescue groups in need. In her opinion, the best models have four legs and fur!